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Northern Howlers Brigade

Welcome to the Northern Howlers Brigade website. The NHB project took seed last season. I had become hooked on predator hunting since I first tried it in 2008 and the idea of filming those hunts had always been on my mind, but for that I needed good partners. Last year I found them in André and Francis.

After a few hunts with each of them individually, without cameras and getting to know them a little better, it became clear that they were as dedicated (crazy?) as I am about the pursuit of furry critters on a snowy blanket. So I suggested that as soon as we could all 3 hunt together, I'd bring my Canon, instead of my canon and that we'd try our hand at making a video.

That day was the 1st of March 2014. Perfect type of morning for calling preds and sure enough, Francis called in a mangy little male, coaxed him in to about 150 yds where André flattenned him with his missile launcher. Behind my camera, I felt as good as if I had shot the yote myself, I finally had a good hunting video in the can, my partners had handled the situation like real pros and I was really anxious to get back home and get on the computer to look at the footage and start editing. The result of that hunt is: Bon début, which is french for : Good beginning. After that experience we were all hooked and we filmed all of our hunts for the last month of the season. out of those we produced two more hunting videos and an instructional video by Francis. They are available in our video section.

So we're back at it this year, under the banner Northern Howlers Brigade. We've picked up a new member in Dominique Sévigny, an acomplished predator hunter from the Victoriaville area who has his own style and hunts mostly solo. And we`ve added a few rookies to have more lenses in the field..

Our goals are to entertain and to maybe teach you a trick or two about calling and stalking predators in southern Quebec.



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