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Busy week

Started off with a hunt on tuesday morning, but nothing was moving, no tracks in the fields, the deep soft snow was keeping the preds holed up in the woods. The only tracks I crossed were that of a coon and he was sinking up to his belly, must have had a hard time getting to his tree that morning. Back at the truck, check my phone and there's this photo on it, it's from Dominique.


Obviously the coon wasn't the only one having a hard time with the snow, Dom had to call in a tractor and 2 tow truck to finally get his truck out of there. The joys of hunting in the winter.

Friday and Saturday morning I went out with Dédé, the rain and warm weather of the previous days had finally packed the snow down, not enough to support a man but at least the preds can run around on it and they have to work to get at the mices so they are more active and more receptive to the call.

2 stands on friday morning, no preds. 1 stand on saturday morning.Fresh tracks over ours as we leave the field tell us that we have been bested. The spot we were hunting is just too big to be covered by only one shooter and 1 cameraman. The dog crossed the field in our back and we never got a glimpse of him. 1-0 mr.yote.

Saturday evening I went out with Francis and Jérémie. The fields were covered with fresh tracks and as we're getting close to our spot, Jérémie spots a coyote, about 500 yds away, on the edge of a small wooded lot. The coyote also spots us and trots into the woods. We get set up and..... well you'll just have to wait for the video to know the rest of the story.

photo 5.JPG

Needless to say, it ends well for us.

This morning I was out with Stephane, a young hunter who caught the predator bug because I kept going on their farm to shoot foxes. we had a magical morning, seeing a fox and two coyotes in the span of a few hours of hunting. the only shooting opportunity camer when we got back to his farm, so Steph's first shot ever at a coyote was a 600 yds poke and he sure did come close. After a morning like this, he's hooked.

So with all this action going on over the week end, it's safe to assume that we'll be posting new videos soon.


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