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Last week!

I started hunting on wednesday on account of the wind.

Conditions were perfect and I was quite confident I'd at least see some fur that morning.

First stand of the morning.....

Fox 1 Paul 0

So I drive to my next spot and as I park in his yard, I see the fox leave the field to go to his den on the river bed.

Fox 2 Paul 0

That same morning while I'm back at the shop I spot two more foxes across the river, in the thck brush and they ware fornicating. Great, the rut has started, time to go hunting. See I'm easy, I always find a reason to go hunting.

Thursday I went out with Vince, he's a buddy from movie world. We didn't call anything in two sets, but did spot a coyote a few klicks from our first spot, he was leavin the fields to go into a big patch of wood that I don't have acces to so all we could do was watch him disapear in the forest.

Friday morning I was out with Dédé, we got busted by a coyote going to our second stand. We had barelly entered the field that a coyote popped it head out of a ditch about 450 yds away, as soon as Dédé spotted him we got set up for the shot, him with my Swift and me with the camera. In the end we elected not to shoot, it was 7:30 in the morning and we were too close to the houses. Waking up the owner of the field with a loud gunshot is not a good idea if you like hunting in that spot. We`ll get that dog some other time.

Saturday morning I was out with Dédé and Steve, we were trying a new spot that we`d recon through Google the night before and the wind wasn`t perfect so.... why waste a bunch of letters when images do it much better.

This one is as close to live hunting as we can make it. it was online the same day we shot the dog.

Dédé just started calling this season and he`s picking it up quick, now that he`s got the distress sounds learned, we have to get him on the howler, I can`t wait to be able to do a serenade with 2 or 3 other callers.

Those Recall designs call really are top notch, Rheal sure knows how to make them. Yeah, you can call dogs with any ol' $10 cheapie calls, but when you become a better caller you start looking not only for quality but for a call that responds to the slight variation in tonallity that you put into it. Cheap plastic call tend to muffle these variations in pitch in my experienc. Rheal's calls are musical instruments, they just allow me to make sounds I never reached before with my other calls. The Foxpro is spending more time in the truck than in the field this season.


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