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The mighty Swift.

This is my 220 Swift, I built it after the Frankenstein's barrel went south and the groupes suddenlly went from 3/4 inche to 8 inches.

This is what I would classify as a heavy varminter, weighting at 15 lbs hunt ready, it's a good 5 lbs heavier than I like for a real predator gun. it's actually more of a groundhog gun than a pred gun, but I don't hunt ground hogs so I use it on preds before the snow get here, when my .243 would stand out with it's winter camo.

Like a few of my rifle, it started out as a rusted piece of forgotten metal found in the back of the shop.

The receiver is from a Remington 700 that had been totally neglected by it's previous owner, who lived and hunted near salt water. Pockmarked by rust all over, you have to be a gunplumber to imagin that anything worthwile will come out of this.

The bolt was MIA, so I ordered one from PTG.

For the barrel I went with a Shilen Stainless Select, the twist is 1-14 and it's finished it at 26 inches. Although Shilen recomends not to flute their barrels, I went ahead anyways and this rifle has proven to be a sub 0.4 MOA gun with my hunting load. At the muzzle end of the barrel I have my usual rifle comp only this one is made out of aluminium instead of steel.

Trigger is a Timney set at around 2 lbs, the detachable mag a HS precision unit. I love the 220 Swift but I hate the semi-rim of the case, this rifle doesn't feed well 100% of the time and for that the reason, eventually, I'll build by a proper earth color predator rifle and this one will go back to ground hog duty as a single shot.

The stock is an HS Precision that I modified by building a cheekpiece to fit the scope I use.

The scope is a Leupold vari-X III 6.5-20x50 LR with a Varmint hunters reticule.

The camo is one of my 3d pattern all done with Duracoat.

Bipod is a Harris, which are my favorite, stay away from the cheap copies! they never last, you loose all the parts in the field. Get a Harris and be done with it.

The load i shoot in this rifle is :

Winchester cases: Prepped, weight sorted and neck turned

Winchester LRM primers

Nosler 50 gr Ballistic tip

Hodgdon H-380 powder (just a hair under Hodgdons max load)

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