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Furrball lesson and other pictures?

See that fox in the middle of the picture


That`s what I call a furball.


That's another shape you have to be able to spot from a few hundred yards away while driving your car and eating a bag of chips in the other hand. They can be anywhere, in the thicket like this one or in the middle of wide open fields. If the wind is right and the snow quiet to walk on you can normally stalk up to within a couple of hundred yards, just keep your eyes on him and freeze if he lifts his head. I've seen both foxes and coys do it.

On this one I cheated a bit because I`d spotted the fox earlier in the morning so I knew where to look as I drove back from lunch.


Here's a sight I don't see often at this time of the year


Do you think it knows how much it stands out in this environement?


It's so vibrant in the bleak background it practically looks fake.


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