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Dédé Thunder Stick.

I call it the "Thunder Stick" because on january 12 2015, while i was chasing my coyote, I heard a boom in the distance. That boom was Dédé who was had just shot his coyote...he was 5 km away from me ( verified on Google). This is no joke. That thing is loud! It's the reason I now wear hearing protectors while I hunt. Last year, when we first started hunting together, we had a really good run and we both shot a lot, often side by side. it was just too much for my, already beat up, earing. So last year I started hunting with Walker Game ears which I love and still hunt with in warmer seasons, but for winter use I now wear Peltor tactical earmuffs because they are easier to handle with gloves on and 3 layers of head gear and keep my ears warm.

So about this rifle

dede rifle.JPG

It's a Weatherby Mark V in 30-378 Weatherby. The custom work was done by Gerard Gaulin, one of the finest riflesmith in Quebec. The barrel is a 30 inches Gaillard 1-10 the profile seems to be a Heavy Varmint and it wears a "holes all around" muzzle brake. the scope is a Leupold VariX III LR 6.5-20x 50mm with a Duplex reticle, so Dédé

dials in his ranges. The scope rings and mounts are Leupolds.

The load he shoots pushes a 200gr. Berger Hybrid @ 3389 fps out of his long tube and it has proven to be devastating on coyotes, when he does his job, it just flattens them.

To a lot of folks, these monster calibers seem excessive, especially on coyotes, but for the few that have used them and/or seen them in action, it's really hard to deny their superiority in long range hunting. There's just no way I'd put up with lugging this monster with all the walking we do. It's gotta to weigh around 18-19 lbs.


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