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Back from the dead!

Not really, we just haven't been hunting preds. When March arrived and fox season came to an end, something else starting showing up in the mail and my attention was diverted. The final parts for my competition rifles had arrived and my passion for hunting was set asside for my true love: gunmaking.

This project was kind of special for many reason, first off, this rifle is for me, while it'll be totally at home in the field hunting coyotes, I'm building it for a different purpose, it's a competition rifle that I will use in long range rifle shooting. For this season I hope to attend as many ORA Precision rifle competitions as my schedule will allow but I sincerelly hope to try my hand at PRS type shooting one days so this rifle is built to meet the requirement of this discipline which reminds me so much of the IPSC I knew.

So needless to say, I did my homework finding as much as I can about the sport, the guns and the calibers and made my choices based on what the top pros of this discipline. As the parts of the puzzle started arriving, my friend and shooting partner decided to jump in for the ride and I would now be building 2 competition rifle.

The rifles are now done, I have posted some of my early test results on both CGN and Extreme Precision as well as a brief description of the caliber and I have a photo gallery on showing the various steps involved in building those two rifles.

So here they are, The ReddNobb Custom 6mm Creedmoor Twins : Purrdy and Muddy

Mine's Muddy, really anxious to see how it'wll do on coyotes next season

With predator season over and the rifles ready for the summer fun, I can go back to thinking about hunting and it's right on schedule because turkey season opens in a few days and the NHB team hopes to take you along on a few of those hunts.

Good hunting to all !


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