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The NHB Spring patrol 2015

Well, we had so much fun filming our winter hunts we figured we`d try our hand at filming the spring turkey season. We endend up with three good hunts on film.

Dom started the ball on April 25th, shooting his Tom in a snow storm, the images are great and the video of the hunt will soon be online. Dom's nephew is training as a camera guy and he did a great job. Wait tìll yoiu see his scouting trip images, simply awsome.

After a week of seeing nothing at my usual hunting spot, I teamed up with Dédé at his spot becausde he feared he'd be attacked by all the Toms he`d seen in that field. Did't take us too long to fill all our tags. An amazing hunt that will stand out in both our memories.

On the next day, Francis who was out with a Steph called in a big Tom who got very intimate with my DSD jake decoy. Fortunatelly Steph was standing by with his bow and took care of defending my decoy. His first turkey and he did it with a bow, hiding in a ditch. Great job boys!


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