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Muddy's first competition

I built this rifle mainly because I was planning to compete in ORA Precision Rifle, the only problem is that range repairs have resulted in the first two matches of the season being cancelled, so here we were, end of July and I still hadn't fired the gun in a real match.

Luckilly I stumbled on an add for a match that was being held on the Valcartier Military base, near Quebec City. It was organised by the Club de Tir Recreatif de Valcartier and called Competition de TLD (Tir Longue Distance) which translates to Long range shooting competition.

There wasn't much information available on their website other than the mention that shooters were to be classified according to their rifle's caliber and that the targets (mostly steel) would range from 200 to 1400 meters. That was all I need to know, so I signed up and on the morning of the 25th I drove to Quebec City for Muddy's first real test.

Here's the range from my shooting position, simply awsome!

Here's how the match went.

There were 12 shooters competing, 6 in .308 class and 6 in .338 class ( 1x .338 Lapua, 2x 300 RUM, 1x 6.5x47, 1x 6mm SLR and my 6mm Creedmoor)

308 class would shoot from 200 to 910 meters and .338 class from 200 to 1400 meters

All the shooters are setup on the firing line side by side

When your number is called up, you have 30 seconds to shoot the designated target, if you miss on the first shot, then you have 15 seconds to take a second shot.

The first target was the only paper target of the match, It tested the cold bore shot, target were one inch dots at 191 meters, shooter closest to the center of his dot got 30 pts, second closest got 27 and so on. Only one shot per shooter on this target.

Next target was a 10 inches plate at unknown distance so we were required to use the reticules in our scopes and mill out the range. first shot hit was worth 5 points and second shot hit 2 points. this is how all the steel targets were scored.

From that point on, all the targets were at known distance. In all 10 targets were engaged in each class.

Here's a look at some of the guns present

This was a perfect match to test my new rifle, this is what is it designed for, it's laser flat. shoots a bullet that cuts through the wind like a hot knife throught butter, and the recoil is so negligeable that I have no problems spotting my hits on the targets.

I just wish there were more of these types of matches available in our area, this is a perfect format for folks wanting to develop good field shooting abilities. For a hunter, the first shot is the most important and this match rewards first shot accuracy.

There's another match that will be held in October and I'm hopping to drag all the NHB members out there, it'll be grat training for this winters fun time.


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