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Mic's 6.5 mm creedmoor

So here's a better look and description of Mic's rifle, he did all the work on it and is his first full custom build since the one he built back in gunplumber school.


It's a Rem 700 action, the bolt was flutted, the firing pin replaced with a lightweight PTG unit. The trigger is a Timney and the bottom metal is from PTG. The stock is a Bell & Carlson on which Mick built up the cheakpiece to get a better cheek weld with his big scope. The barrel is a Gaillard heavy sporter contour chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor, twist is 1-8 with a ReddNobb comp. The scope is a Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x-56mm with a mildot reticule mounted in Nightforce rings on a Warne 20 MOA base. Metal parts were all finished with Cerakote and then Mic did the camo on top using an airbrush and Dura-coat.

The load Mic shot his fox with was the first load we tried in this rifle, we were in a hurry so we decided to go with the first load accurate enough to hunt preds. Even with this thrown together load the rifle was shooting about 0.5 MOA, that's exactly the kind of performance I expect from the fine barrels Mr. Gaillard makes. By the time we do proper load developpment this rifle will be shooting cloverleafs.

Brass: Hornady (new)

Bullet: Nosler 100 gr. Ballistic Tip

Primers: WW LRM

Powder: 41.8 gr. Hodgdon BLC-2

COAL: 2.670"

Velocity: 3050 fps.


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