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PRS New Englands

The match wasn't held on a typical shooting range, it was held at a car rally school: O'Neil Racing Rally School in Dalton New Hampshire.

Here I am going off of my memory, I had no GPS tracking our movement, but it seems like what we did. In green would be the ATV ride to the top, in yellow the ground we covered shooting the various stages and in red would be the general direction we shot. I could be totally wrong...but you get the idea of what we did.

The fleet of quads that would take us to the top of the mountain.

Minos on stage 2, Road Huntin'

Nick, a shooter from our squad has a Youtube channel called NextZipCode. He told me he chose that name because that's literally what happens... When he shoots long range on his property, the target is far enough that the bullets do land in the next zip code. Go and check it out.

Most of the shooting positions were narrow lanes chained sawed on the flank of the mountain, stage 4 here, where we had to shoot from the top of a barrel.

Shooters point of view on stage 4

Minos on stage 5, out of position's hard to have perfect form and be behind your rifle, when there's not an inch of level ground to be found.

Stage 10, our final stage on Saturday, Large targets at 1200 yards, a sneaky wind that was practically undectable from the shooting position.... not easy... not easy at all

Sunday morning, shooting positions for stages 10-11-12, the only time we spent on a beaten path.

Stage 13, Tractor Trouble....Only a rally driver would have the balls to drive a tractor to the top of a hill in those slippery trails to be used as a prop in a shooting match. Bravo!

On Sunday we went back and basically shot the same targets from the same positions as Saturday,

but with variations. here on stage 14, Tripod on a mountain top, the barrel had been replaced by a Really Right Stuff tripod, it's a kit that would likelly cost over $2000.00 in Canada, a kit that has stellar reviews online and after playing with one for 5 minutes, I bellieve those reviews are totally justified. The stability offered by this tripod is amazing....I want one.

Site of stages 6-Hunting for Sasquatch and 16 Lumber jack Shoot Out

Shooters point of view on Stages 6 and 16. You can see the Sasquatch in the center, circled in yellow. We had to shoot him from the standing position without any support and without using the sling, the range was unknown, the angle extreme and we had to hit him before we could move on to the next target which was a 12 inches plate at 469 yards.

This is not the ideal environnement for those who like to pamper their rifles. Mine picked up a few scratches and it not rare to see a $10 000 rig leaning on a rock or simply flat on the ground.

Stage 17 All I got is this here backpack. the shooting position is right bellow the tripod, we were on the edge of a small pointy drop out and we had to shoot using only our pack for rifle support. the targets were 12 inches plates at 445 and 546 yards and a 16 plates at 778 yards

the selfie at the end, on saturday I had run out of gas. I have the nasty habit of not eating or drinking much when I shoot a match or go hunting. Not the thing to do in on mountain and at my age, so I had bummed a ride in a QUad to get down the mountain....Candy Ass Civilian.

Lesson Learned. On Sunday, before I even got up the mountain, I took in about 3 litres of water, Gatorade and coke..... the liquid Mom... not the powder.... and once the match was done, I walked down whistling a tune like my taught me so well....I just don't sound as good as he does.

Minos, what can I say Man... Thanks for dragging me into this... and there goes another $100.00


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