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NHB Moments no.2

Weather's been really bad for hunting over the holidays, lotsa wind and no snow. We did go out whenever the wind let down but we didn't see fur.

That just changed over the last few hours and by Tuesday, when the wind dies down and the temperatures hit the -20C mark, we will have ideal conditions for hunting preds. The fields will be covered with a thick coat of ice which make it hard for the preds to get to the rodents on which they feed. that's when they really start running to the call.

I just downloaded our latest video, it's a NHB Moment in which I talk about the zooming effects of video cameras and explain why those houses in the background look so close when they are actually 3km away.

This video also contains the footage from Mic's first fox, that I shot with the small ATN gun mounted camera.

All that hunting footage, including Francis' coyote, was shot over a 3 day span of perfect weather. That's why we keep talking about it all the time because it really does affect our hunting succes.

The forcast for the comming week looks promissing and hoppefully we'll have more hunting stories to share with you soon.


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