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Video output since we last spoke

These are the rest of the videos from our crazy week.

My 439 yds coyote story

Then came Dom's coyote video. This is one intense hunt, a coyote hunter's dream, a duel of challenges with a big old red. You have to see this one!!!!!

Actually, you should see all of our videos, but this one had me comming back for more. The hunt in itself is amazing, but for me, this is the best challenge lesson I've ever had. No of course I'm not talking about Dom's Foxpro, I`m talking about the dog, listen to it and try to match that coyote. Don't be shy if you ever get in an argument with a coyote, keep busting his balls until he decides to come over and beat the crap out of you, that's when you know you've won. Great job Dom!

And finally, Dominique's fox. A classic fox hunt, short and sweet. That's been my experience with these red critters, if they're hungry and within hearing of the call, they go straight for it, angling just enough to catch the wind on the caller They seem to love decoys and aren't shy to come up and examine them from up close. I Like that.

One of our main goal with this project was to take you hunting with us, I hope you're enjoying the season so far. I know we're having lotsa fun taking you along and remember that to get the full effect of the experience, you should be listening to them when it's minus 30 outside with the window wide open, or sitting in your fridge if you live in Florida.

Have a cold one on us.


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