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Dave Smith's deadly decoys

I`ve used a decoy for turkey`s from day one. My first set was a Pretty Boy and Pretty Girl and while they seem to work, there were occasions where I felt the kept the birds from comming in closer. In 5 or 6 seasons, I had never gotten any turkey interacting with my decoys and most of my shots had been in the 40 yds range.

Last year I switched to the Dave Smith Decoys Turkey Flock and I`m amazed at how much difference it made. Not only are the turkeys comming in closer, they are interacting with the decoys. Last season I had a jake spend 10 minutes trying to mount my hen decoy and a few days later, a pack of 5 jakes started beating up on my DSD jake. Every bird I have shot over these decoys has been under 25 yds.

Look at our videos and you'll see why I consider these to be the best turkey decoys available and they are totally worth the price.


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