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22 Creedmoor update, wrong bullet!

I was a bit disapointed when I started editing the footage from our hunt of november 28, I was expecting a bit more impact from this caliber. Mic was shooting through branches so I know his first shot deflected off a branche but the second shot, although it was a bit high, should have done a lot more damage than it did. So that made me look at the bullet I was using.

I had loaded my ammo using the Sierra 53 gr. Match HP bullet because I had them on hand and because I couldn't find an accurate load for my beloved 50 gr. Nosler Ballistic tip. The Sierra isn't a proper varmint bullet, it's a match bullet, but I decided to use it anyways because of the velocities involved. I figured that, at over 4000 fps, any bullet was going to blow up on impact and I was WRONG. Both of the bullets went through the coyote which should never have happened in this situation.

At this point the season is already begun so I didn't want to waste time developing a load so I took a chance and ordered some 50 gr. Sierra Blitz King, pulled the bullets off my 53gr. Match HP rounds and replaced them with the Blitz King and headed to a hunting spot with a target. The Blitz King turned out to be just as accurate as the Match HP but the velocity has dropped a little bit to 4088 fps. which should still be plenty fast to anchor any fox or coyote I come across, especially now that it's running a proper "varmint" bullet.

Bullet choice is as important on varmint calibers as it is for big game hunting. Predators are light skinned game and your bullet must start expanding/fragmenting as soon as it encounters skin and flesh because your target is only a couples on inches deep. Choose wisely and you'll be rewarded with critters that drop on the spot instead of having to watch them take off after the shot.



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