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The Deeramator.

After he made that 500 yds. + shot on a coyote last season, I looked at Francis and said : We have to get you a gun that matches you skills.

So over the course of the summer, I built him this little thing.

It's built on a Rem 700 action, caliber is 26 Nosler, barrel is a Benchmark 1-8 twist, HV contour and finished at 27 inches. It's got my rifle comp on, the stock is a HS Precision that I modified by building a cheekpiece . The metal parts were finished in Cerakote Coyote Tan, then the camo patern was done with Dura-coat.

I consider this to be on the heavy side for a coyote rifle, but Francis wanted an all around long range rifle so that's why he went that heavy of a barrel. Since I'm not the one who will have to carry that through miles of deep snow, I built him what he asked for.



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