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What a week we had

After a surprisingly uneventfull week end, considering the perfect conditions, our week started with a bang. Actually two of them.

On Monday morning Dédé started the ball by shooting a coyote. He was hunting with Francis and Fred and they called in the dog on their second stand of the day. I could tell you all about it but the video does a better job so here it is:

For my part, I was hunting alone a few klick from them and at the time Dédé

pulled the trigger, I was in the middle of my longest coyote hunt ever. A 2 1/2 hour game of hide and seek that ended with a 439 yds shot. My longest shot ever on a coyote. A 33 lbs female with an amazing color and pelt. I'll probably get a rug made out of her.

The hunt lasted so long that the ATN Camera ran out of batteries so I don't have the kill shot on film but i have a bunch of footage that will be turned into a NHB Moment that will go online this week. For now, here's a picture of the coyote.


On wednesday it was Dom's turn with a variety pack. 1 fox and 1 coyote in the same afternoon. I've seen the first cut of his fox video and it is great, we'll have it out shortly, we're just putting the finishing touch on a few details. Here are the photos in the meantime.

14 jan 2015 Dom coyote retouched.jpg
14 jan 2015 Dom renard retouched crop.JPG

And finally on Thursday I get a call, it's Francis. Guess how far? he asks...

-850 I guess ( I have learned not to underestimate him).

-657 he answers back and starts laughing.

I think he likes the 26 Nosler

Here's the video of that hunt, which was Fred's first time behind the camera. He did a great job. Finding a coyote, at 600 yds, in the small 3 inch screen on our cameras is hard work, in the blinding sun, It become near imposible, so I kept laughing while listening to the video.... because I've been in that situation.

This was a big week for us, I hope your enjoying the videos.


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