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As predicted!

Hard snow cover+no wind+ cold cold mornings= fur

-28C on the truck dashboard this morning, you have to be nuts to go out to hunt in this weather. But it's the absolute best weather possible to hunt furry critters so you'd have to be nuts to stay in bed.

Did two short stands in prime fox country and didn't see anything, so I went to check out a third spot, not sure if I was going to go and setup and then I spotted those two at about a mile away in the field and.....


And I'll tell you the rest of the story in the video, cause Yes, this time I remembered to do a post mortem in english.

Two 36 lbs males running together, since ther are the first victims of my new Recall Design, I decided to call them my Snack Time twins.

Week end weather forcast looks great, time to be out in the fields. Go hunting!


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