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Spot and stalk required ability.

The Spot & Stalk is one of the most productive methods of hunting predators in our type of environements, big wide open fields. Our usual routine is to do one or two calling sets early in the morning and then we hit the back roads for a few hours looking for preys. Folks have no idea how often they drive by foxes and coyotes without noticing them.

Take these two dogs I spotted last Saturday while I was driving back from my hunt with Dédé and Steve. In this picture, they are quite easy to make out, but your looking through a 450mm lense. They were about 600 yds away from the road and I spotted them while doing 80km/h on a country road. What you do is look for broken patterns, these two brown spots were out of place in that field and about the right size for the distance involved. So I pulled of the side of the road, confirmed with my binoculars, then I called Dédé to come an join me and then went to the nearest farm to secure permission to go and hunt the coyotes. Every thing went smoothly except that they were on the move and by the time Dédé arrived they had moved off and weren't interested in our calls.


You don`t win them all but you have to try.


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